Semester One Awards Ceremony

Written By: Sahithi Alla (10) and Triveni Khatri (10)
Edited By: Bernadette Montefalcon (12)

January 12, 2020

As it is known to many, Imagine’s students have just returned back to school this week after a hopefully restful and enjoyable winter break. In honor of the students’ and staff members’ hard work and effort during semester one, Imagine hosted their annual awards ceremony to recognize them. There were 4 different types of awards given at this ceremony.

The first award given to students were the All 6’s and 7’s award. This award was presented to those who had distinguished honor roll and managed to achieve all A’s in their first semester classes. There were a large number of students receiving this award, and it was a wonderful chance to acknowledge their knowledge and accomplishments.

The second award that were presented to the students was rewarding those who had displayed the IB ATL skills, also known as Approaches to Learning. Some of these ATLs skills include communication, self management, thinking, social, and researching.

The last awards that was presented to students were the Dragon Award and Global Neighbor Award. These were presented by none other than Mrs. Upton and Mrs. Hinterscher themselves. The Dragon Award recognized students that displayed all the IB learner profile traits throughout their daily presence in and out of the classroom. The Global Neighbor Award was presented to those who showed compassion and kindness to those around them and were helpful to everyone as well.

It was a pleasure to see the collaborative efforts of Imagine students, teachers, parents, and faculty be recognized in a very successful awards ceremony.

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