Christmas Traditions

Kashvi Khubchandani and Paula Romero 

8th Grade

December 22, 2020

Christmas is a very joyful time for families all around the world. It is a time for loved ones to come together on a special holiday and enjoy each other’s company. Christmas can be associated with beliefs or religion, but it has always been a time for joy and happiness. People from all around the world have special traditions and symbols during Christmas time. In this article, we will talk about the symbolism and meaning behind candy canes and Christmas trees. 

One of the most popular Christmas traditions is candy canes. Candy canes are an enjoyable snack for everyone, and people all around the world enjoy them, yet few know the meaning of what they represent. The red stripe represents the blood of Jesus Christ while the white symbolizes purity. When a candy cane is flipped over it resembles the letter “J”, which stands for Jesus. Surprisingly, even the flavor has a strong meaning behind it. The traditional peppermint flavor of candy canes mimics the minty taste of the hyssop plant, which was used to purify the Bible in ancient times. 

The Christmas tree also has a special significance. Evergreen trees represent fertility and new life during the cold winter, and were originally used to brighten homes during the season. The palms from evergreen trees were also used by Ancient Egyptians to worship their gods. In the 16th century, Christmas trees were used in Germany as a decoration, much like they are used today. In Germany, they were decorated with gingerbread, candles, nuts, and apples, while today they are decorated with home-made and store bought ornaments, cranberry and popcorn strands, and lights. 

Overall, candy canes and Christmas trees have a very special meaning. There are many more traditions around the world that are celebrated during Christmas-time. We hope you enjoy this year’s Christmas to the fullest and learned some information about culture and tradition! 

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