Christmas Traditions

Kashvi Khubchandani and Paula Romero  8th Grade December 22, 2020 Christmas is a very joyful time for families all around the world. It is a time for loved ones to come together on a special holiday and enjoy each other’s company. Christmas can be associated with beliefs or religion, but it has always been a time for joy and happiness. People from all around the … Continue reading Christmas Traditions

Tenth Grade Personal Projects

Catherine Shepard 11th grade  December 20th, 2020 As most of you may know by now, it’s about time when 10th graders are making their last revisions on their personal projects before the final product. The year 2020 has had some setbacks altogether but it has not gotten in the way of these personal projects. Similar to last year, they met with their supervisor and analyzed … Continue reading Tenth Grade Personal Projects