Is World War 3 Around the Corner?

Written By: Angela John (10)
Edited By: Carolyn Teders (12)

February 8, 2020

We have all seen the iconic World War 3 memes circling the internet lately, and even though they are worth a laugh or two, we are still doubtful if these jokes should be taken for granted. In reality, the possibility of a war is actually a very sad possibility that should be avoided at all costs. 

Something that struck me after the whole “World War 3” fiasco is something my 10th grade history teacher, Mrs. Cooper, said about the whole ordeal. 

“When anything like that happens throughout history, there might be some panic in society,” she said when asked what she thought of the memes. “I’m not surprised that people are worried about that. The memes that I’ve seen are more joking than they are serious, so I don’t know if people are actually worried about world war.”

Mrs. Cooper also says for misinformed and worried individuals to “do your research”. “Go to credible sources listen to what’s going on, find out what’s actually going on with Congress,” she adds. “ Go to sources like bbc, cnn, and find out what’s actually going. Knowledge is power.

As you can see, World War 3 is a joke in the fact that it’s NOT going to happen. Although I’ll admit I enjoy the memes very much, I still know the boundaries of reality and well, the internet. It is important to do your research on topics like this instead of just relying on sources like Twitter and Instagram. That way if a world war was to happen, then we would be the “wokest” people out there. Like Mrs. Cooper said, “knowledge is power.” 

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